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For 20 years, the full-service advertising agency dmp has been creating 2D & 3D ANIMATIONS, VISUALIZATIONS, SIMULATIONS AND INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE WORLDS for a wide variety of industries, especially in the B2B sector and as a qualified outsourcing partner for other advertising agencies, video productions, exhibition stand builders and event agencies.

Animations and technical visualizations put your product and brand in a special light and make complex and difficult to explain processes and facts understandable and tangible for everyone. Animation is an important part of #CONTENT MARKETING in B2B and thus a key factor in the dialog between experts.

Use also the added value of 3D animation, simulation and technical visualizations for #GRAPHIC DESIGN & #MESSE. All 2D and 3D animations and technical visualizations can be used as 2D illustrations in your brochures, flyers or other business papers as well as your trade show design.

You want to present your products & services #VIRTUALLY and at the same time PERSONALLY and convince your customers with a WOW effect during digital conversations? At the same time, you want to be able to send an INNOVATIVE presentation of your products and services to your customers as a SELF-CLEARING tool, so that they can view all the details again at any time, regardless of TIME & LOCATION? Read #MORE about the use of animation in #VIRTUAL SHOWROOMS & FAIRS.

Combine animations with a #VIRTUAL REALITY PRESENTATION or a #360 DEGREE VIDEO. This will take your communication to a new visual level and transfer information into a new world that can be perceived with all senses. Virtual Reality applications offer the viewer a special experience and are absolute crowd pullers at trade fairs and events.

services we offer

  • 2D & 3D animations and simulations as product films
  • Technical visualization & renderings

  • 3D pre-visualizations

  • 2D & 3D animations as product images and illustrations

  • 3D modeling for animations

  • 3D animations as walkthroughs and virtual worlds

  • 2D & 3D animations for training films

  • 3D animations for user manuals and assembly instructions
  • Interactive animations & simulations

  • Architectural visualizations

  • Animation for representation of process flows

  • 2D Comics

  • Explanatory videos

  • How-to Videos

  • Virtual Reality & 360 Degree Movies

  • Preparation of simulations & animations for graphic design, print & trade fairs

  • Virtual showrooms & virtual trade fairs

  • Medical Animation

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