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We design and develop cross-channel communication solutions and always use the most promising ONLINE MARKETING CHANNELS in a targeted manner.

The strategy includes the areas of content & web, digital advertising, performance marketing & social media, among others. Experience our 361 GRAD FULL-SERVICE APPROACH here, because we take care of you all around – from display campaigns, Facebook pages, LinkedIn campaigns, SEA to influencer or newsletter marketing. Through affiliate marketing activities, you take advantage of networking with other advertising partners and the associated growth potential.

Operate SOCIAL-MEDIA ACTIVELY and with passion and use the benefits of these platforms to reach your target group precisely and cost-efficiently. With the right strategy, you will not only increase your online presence and visibility, but also CONVERSION into positive results.

Even though social media is on everyone’s lips – every good digital campaign should include attracting website visitors via SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine marketing). SEA is primarily done using Google & Bing ads, where you pay on a CPC (cost per click) basis.

As a PERFORMANCE MARKETING agency, we always select the most strategically relevant channels for campaigns, which have been defined on the basis of the user-specific data obtained.

In the area of INFLUENCER MARKETING, we always find the right bloggers & influencers for you. These are seen as experts in the community and are therefore formative for the formation of opinion on the market. This RECOMMENDATION MARKETING means that people – mostly with influence in the community – have an effect on other people by forming a positive opinion. The fans or followers of these influencers are very active and positively involved. Influencer marketing has clearly gained relevance for brands, companies of all sizes, products and services. It is often a useful addition to existing strategies, especially when targeting younger audiences or specific groups of prospects. The Influencer, also called AMBASSADOR, can act as FIRST MOVER, i.e. place desires for the first time, or influence existing needs in a targeted way.

YOUTUBE MARKETING is very different from other more classical marketing methods, as it always involves small, yet elaborate video productions. The advertising agency dmp has always appreciated the field of film animation, which is why we see a special added value for clients in this area. Together with you we create a YOUTUBE MARKETING STRATEGY and from it your YOUTUBE ROADMAPE – the guideline from the conception, implementation to the support of the channel.

services we offer

  • Digital campaigns

  • Performance campaigns

  • Search engine optimization

  • Search engine marketing

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Social media campaigns

  • Continuous target group optimization

  • Content marketing social media channels

  • Content Marketing Blogger & Influencer

  • Blog and newsletter marketing

  • Youtube marketing

  • Preparation of all content

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