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Is my company FIT for the future? Is there an effective REPLACEMENT FOR FAIRS & EVENTS? How can I convince customers digitally with MORE CONTENT & RICH-MEDIA? Does success perhaps lie in MORE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE & a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE with WOW-EFFECT? But how do I link digital sales with PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE? How do I CONTROL who can see what and when in the digital realm? How do I achieve more practicality through EASIER ACCESS? Can I UPDATE or even ENHANCE digital content without programming skills?

With our in-house solution PLATO.EXPOSED, you can present your company and your product and service world to your customers digitally, virtually, personally and interactively – with a WOW effect. PLATO.EXPOSED enables you to digitally map fictitious sales rooms or exhibition stands that can be viewed by any visitor worldwide, without installation, at any time, regardless of location and time and directly via the web browser. So what can the visitor expect? An innovative, informative & personal sales experience in which content of all kinds, such as texts, images, videos, animations or PDFs, interactive 3D, music or speakers, web shop solutions, etc. are presented. PLATO.EXPOSED offers maximum flexibility and can be quickly and easily edited and expanded using a CMS.

inspirations that impress.


Design the architecture of the Virtual Showroom 100% according to your wishes: from modern, futuristic, to industrial, to embedding it in a natural landscape. Below you will find 3 ideas for MORE inspiration.

Virtual Showroom ""
Customer: ANDRITZ
AT&SVirtual Showroom ""
Customer: AT&S AG
Virtueller Showroom ""
Kunde: Securikett
Sample Showroom ""
Style: Modern
Sample Showroom ""
Style: Futuristic
Sample Showroom ""
Style: Industrial
Virtual showroom ""
Client: Exhibition Stand Construction & Planning

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PLATO.EXPOSED is an innovative sales enablement tool for direct sales & as a replacement for trade shows, conferences & events.

We design the showroom 100% in the custom design and in compliance with the CD. Design the architecture according to your wishes: from modern, futuristic, to industrial, to embedding in the natural landscape.

Those who master the WOW effect in selling win. Interactivity increases the viewers’ attention many times over and gives them the feeling that they are part of the story. They experience the content much more intensively and remember what they have seen for longer.

Reach an unlimited number of visitors with PLATO.EXPOSED, anytime, worldwide.

Integrate videos, texts, images, PDFs, sound, 3D animations as movies or interactive, avatars, appointment calendars, online stores, webinars etc.

The virtual showroom PLATO.EXPOSED can be staged with state-of-the-art live chat or video conferencing tools. Serve your customers in real time. Interactive avatars, which can be designed in any 3D style, can receive visitors or accompany them through the showroom.

A large number of visitors can follow a presentation of the account manager LIVE, directly in 3D space and interactively (i.e. they can continue to look around and look at each other as in real life). This prevents digital fatigue and lack of concentration. Afterwards a Question-Answer-Video-Chat with “Raise-Hand-Function” can be started, which is optimized exactly for this one video conference.

The showroom enables simultaneous, virtual “1-to-1” customer support (peer 1-1) of different visitors: i.e. different customer service representatives can simultaneously present the showroom to their customers and, for example, hold a video chat.

Use an appointment calendar function and allow your customers to make appointments with their personal account manager.

The virtual showroom PLATO.EXPOSED can be provided on-demand or live.

The virtual showroom PLATO.EXPOSED offers maximum flexibility and can be edited and extended quickly and easily via the existing CMS.

Access to the showroom or to specific content may be subject to registration or log-in.

Link the virtual showroom PLATO.EXPOSED seamlessly with your existing web store solution, such as WooCommerce, and offer your customers a shopping experience of a special kind.

The showroom can be displayed in different ways simultaneously and thus used in different ways at the same time. Different visitors thus see different mutations of the showroom simultaneously. While visitor A is wandering through the showroom, a virtual conference room is simultaneously activated for visitor B to discuss details and answer questions.

It can be analyzed where, when and for how long, which customer spent how much time, which areas they found particularly interesting, which videos were called up, etc.

The virtual showroom PLATO.EXPOSED offers a resource-saving alternative to external trade fairs & events, which are cost- & resource-intensive (travel expenses, trade fair costs, catering, personnel costs on site).

You get high quality leads for optimal business initiation.

PLATO.EXPOSED is available web-based (without installation) or as APP.


In the following you will find further examples of virtual applications, such as virtual product presentations, interactive 360 ​​degree flights through plants or production halls, factory tours based on a site plan, etc.