aesthetic and functional at the same time.


The advertising agency dmp analyzes your industry, your target group and your products and creates the suitable INTERNET APPEARANCE for you by combining many marketing measures. This includes not only your website, but social media profiles & appearances, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.

The ONLINE MARKETING MIX is what counts. From concept and design to programming with a CMS to marketing and search engine optimization.

What do we offer? Professional web design for creative corporate design in compliance with all SEO search engine standards.

We exclusively use Responsive Design in web design and programming and thus achieve an optimized display on all devices.

You can also benefit from one of our strengths – our EXPERIENCE in a wide range of industries and sectors, because our customers include medium-sized companies, multinational corporations as well as start-ups.

services we offer

  • Web Design

  • Web Programming

  • Responsive Websites

  • Content Management Systems

  • Media Management Systeme

  • APP Development

  • Database connection

  • Visitor statistics

  • E-commerce

  • SEO

  • SEA campaigns

  • Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram

  • Video campaigns, YouTube

that’s how we stand out.