we feel, think & live b2b


There are always PEOPLE behind the success of a company. At the advertising agency dmp, these are the managing directors Janine and Michael. Even when we were founded almost 21 years ago, we wanted MORE than just a classic advertising agency.

We wanted to make messages and contents visible and tangible with all senses. We were passionate about animation, film, innovation, technology and industry. From this PASSION the success story advertising agency dmp with the specialization on B2B has developed. It always combines practical and target-oriented advertising and communication with an experience.

We share our passion for animation & film from the very beginning. Already the company name “Digital Motion Picture” (short dmp) reflects our joy for this medium. This means for you that all projects are created with passion & enthusiasm and come from the heart: individual, creative and convincing. The application possibilities of animation & film are manifold and constantly growing. For example, dive into the new, fascinating world of virtual reality and be in the middle of it instead of just being there.
Our passion for animation & film goes hand in hand with our affinity for technically innovative industrial clients, because nowhere do we encounter more innovative thinking than in industrial companies. For 20 years, we have been living this enthusiasm on a daily basis and our success is impressive: with 130 industrial clients, we have become a major agency for this sector. Our clients appreciate our strong empathy for the special requirements that the advertising and marketing of products in need of explanation entail.
We realized very early that the time is more than ripe to sell products & services digitally, virtually and with a WOW effect. Today – in times of Corona – we can present ourselves as an expert for Digital Sales, Virtual Showrooms & Virtual Fairs.

Our customers quickly realize that we not only know what we’re talking about, but also understand what you’re talking about. 20 years of experience with 130 industrial clients guarantee you the technical understanding of their products and processes that is necessary to effectively implement cross-media campaigns in the B2B sector.

Today, 21 years later, we are still an owner-managed advertising agency and share our enthusiasm every day with our team, which sees itself as a pool of experts. Together we run an internationally active advertising agency, with modern, open, direct and uncomplicated communication both internally and externally. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our 135 customers thank us for this agency credo with an average customer loyalty of 8 years or more.

that’s how we stand out.